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    Hospital Trauma

    Eight months ago, today I experienced drastic life change when I lost the ability to speak due to progression of my disability. Each month this day brings a host of emotions, both sadness, but also a sense of accomplishment and survival that I am adjusting, learning and growing in the process.  Like 8 months ago, […]

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    A day in the life — of acccess violations

    Encountering access issues is part of the daily grind for disabled people. More than 28 years ago, a landmark civil rights law was passed to protect the rights of disabled people in the United States.? The Americans with Disabilities Act provides civil rights protections in the areas of employment, access to governmental services, access to […]

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    Parental fears

    The thing that is most terrifying as a parent of adult children with intellectual and developmental disabilities is not knowing what kind of life they will have after I am gone.?My daughters and son will always need significant support in their daily lives.? Two need assistance with nearly every activity of daily living, and all […]

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    We must continue to fight for acess

    Twenty-eight years after the ADA was passed and 45 years after Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act was passed, disabled people still face daily discrimination. Businesses and public entities routinely violate the law. As a disabled parent, I like other disabled parents experience more discrimination because we must interact with more businesses and more systems […]

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    We know we are not welcome

    If I had a nickel for all the times I have pushed for access at an inaccessible business, and been told “we have never had a wheelchair user here.”? No kidding, we can’t get in the door! When pushing for inclusion of disabled folk from entities that are not disability-specific, I run into similar arguments. […]

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