3 Reasons NOT to Home School

8:34 AM

If you've been thinking about home educating your child, chances are that you've heard a lot of negative things about home schooling. You've probably heard that your child won't be socialized if you home school, that he'll be weird, or that your kiddos won't know how to interact with other people. You've probably heard quite a bit of good things about home education, too. You may have heard that you'll get to bond with your child, to be a part of all the little moments in their lives, and to develop a great relationship.

So what's a mom to do?

Only you can know if home education is right for your family. You're the only one who can decide whether the choice is appropriate for your kids and what's best for your relationship. There are, however, 3 solid reasons that you should absolutely not home school your kids.

1. You want to prove that you're better than other parents

If you want to home school your kids so that you can feel superior to other people, then home education is not for you. Home schooling isn't for the faint of heart, and it's certainly not something you should do because you think other people will like you more. Choose to home school your kids if you think that it's the right educational option. Don't do it to feel superior to other people. That kind of mentality is going to destroy you from the inside out and it's going to filter down to your kids.

2. You want your kids to have a perfect childhood

Home schooled kids aren't as sheltered as people would like to believe. Just because your child is home educated doesn't mean that their lives are going to be perfect. Home school families aren't perfect because no one is. Your kids will still have their hearts broken. They'll still get into fights. They'll still meet people who don't like them. They'll interact with other kids who tease them. While you'll certainly be an intimate part of your child's lives, their childhood isn't going to be perfect simply because you school them at home.

3. You want to make sure that nothing bad ever happens to your kids

It's natural to want to protect our kids. It's normal to want to keep our kids safe from harm and from bad things. While there's nothing wrong with home educating your child because of school violence, keep in mind that home education doesn't mean nothing bad is ever going to happen to your kids. While your home educated kid isn't going to be the victim of a mass school shooting or stabbing, keep in mind that the world isn't a very safe place. Bad things can still happen even if your child goes to school at home.

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