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If you like Z Nation, Zombieland, Just Another Day in the Zombie Apocalypse, or anything else zombie-related, you're going to love 7 Days to Die. Grab a cup of coffee, forget about sleep, and settle in because I'm going to introduce you to one of the best games you're going to play this year.

I was first introduced to 7 Days to Die a few years ago by my husband. He'd discovered it and thought it was interesting, so I bought a copy and we played together.

Talk about addicting.

Two years later, it's still one of my favorite games of all time. If you like creative games that afford you a lot of flexibility, you're going to LOVE 7 Days to Die. It's basically Minecraft + The Sims + Zombies = Awesome.

Here's what you need to know.

In 7 Days to Die, you'll create your character. This is a really straightforward and fun process. You can even choose from a selection of predesigned characters if making your own isn't really your thing.

I like this part of the game because it really does let you personalize your gameplay if you want to. You aren't stuck with a boring avatar or someone you don't feel is an accurate reflection of yourself. With 7 Days, you really get to decide how you'll look while you survive the zombie apocalypse. Oh, and you'll definitely survive.

I'm going to tell you how.

When you start your first game, you'll be given a series of quests in the game. These quests are designed to help you do your very best. I like the quests because it means you aren't walking around struggling. If you've never played before, you'll be given a series of practical things you can do to start playing. For example, you'll learn how to create a bedroll. This is important because once you place it, that becomes your respawn point if you die.

This screenshot was taken early in the morning. As the sun rises, I'll be able to see more clearly!

In this screenshot, you can see my quest items on the upper right-hand corner. Note that I also have a section that tells me how hungry and thirsty I am, as well as what my health is at. The endurance bar is an important section, too, because it lets me know if I'll be able to run away from zombies. You use endurance when you do tasks like run or chop down trees. If I can't fight a zombie for some reason and need to run away, endurance is a must.

7 Days to Die has a simple premise: kill zombies and survive as long as you can. At the seven day mark, a horde of zombies will come attack you, so make sure you're ready. You'll need to have a sturdy base, as well as traps and lots of weapons. The zombies will attack you at night, which means you need to be even more prepared since night-time attacks can be tricky and difficult to deal with.

If you get a couple of friends to play with you, you can easily assign each person a role. One person can build, one can gather weapons, one can gather food and other supplies, and someone can attack the zombies while you're all working together. There are a ton of options for gameplay, especially if you get a couple of buddies to play with you. That said, you can enjoy this game even on your own. 

Check out the 7 Days to Die Live Action Trailer!

If you've been looking for a new zombie game to play, I'd highly recommend 7 Days. It's one of my favorites. You can expect:
  • An incredible world to play in with different landscapes and terrains
  • Different weather that adds an element of challenge to the game
  • A huge variety of different zombies to defeat and scavenge from
  • Different cities and buildings you can explore and find supplies in
  • Lots of crafting options, including recipes you can unlock
  • A never-ending experience of survival
  • A variety of game-play options - you can adjust the loot levels, number of zombies, and game difficulty 
  • A chance to play by yourself or with friends
  • Different skill sets you can develop
I'm a busy mom and writer. I don't have a ton of free time to play games, so for me, games that are highly story driven can be really difficult to find time for. I like 7 Days to Die for a number of reasons, but a huge benefit is that you can stop at any point. You don't need to wait for a save point or a specific time or go to a special place to log out of the game. If your kids need you, you can log out and then easily sign back in later and continue from the same place.

Look! I found a spooky cave! What do you think I'll find inside?

Real-world skills
If you're a prepper, survivalist, or just love being outdoors, you'll appreciate how many real-world elements are present in 7 Days to Die. For example, if you're in a hot area in the middle of the afternoon, your body is going to start to overheat! You'll need to drink water or find shelter right away in order to keep surviving. Similarly, if your character gets too cold, you could experience hypothermia. This is an interesting aspect of the game that adds an extra challenge and encourages real-world problem-solving skills.

Teamwork options
I usually play 7 Days on my own, but I love how easy it is to play with friends. This encourages a ton of teamwork. You can gather friends and play on different servers or create your own. Then you can build a base together, gather supplies, and defeat the horde as a group. Having other people to help you survive can be a really fun and interesting experience.

Crafting abilities
I really enjoy crafting games. They're super fun. If you've never played one, you're missing out! With crafting games, you gather a variety of supplies and then create something else. This is fantastic when it comes to surviving in the world of zombies. For example, if you get infected with the zombie virus and don't have antibiotics, but you have the right supplies, you can make antibiotics! Similarly, if you don't have bottled water, but you have access to a lake and a bunch of bottles, you can fill them with water and boil them for sanitation. Then you'll be able to survive because you'll have access to drinking water.

I found a campsite to explore. I can break down the logs for extra building materials, too, and I might be able to find some good supplies in the tents and vehicle.

Where to buy
If you're interesting in 7 Days to Die, check out the official website or visit Steam to get your copy!

Do you enjoy zombie games, movies, or television shows? Which one is your favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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