Subscription Boxes for Homeschoolers: Little Passports

8:05 PM

Subscription boxes.

Chances are you've heard of them. You might even subscribe to one. Maybe you get a makeup subscription box or a snack one, but have you considered using subscription boxes in your homeschooling?

My family primarily uses IXL for our homeschooling right now. We're a bit eclectic since we have such an emphasis on Chinese and Japanese learning for our kids, but IXL is the primary math/language arts program we use. In addition to that, I like to supplement our homeschooling with things like reading and, you guessed it, subscription boxes.

Little Passports is a box we found out about several years ago. It's got a huge emphasis on teaching your kids about life in different states and even different countries. When you subscribe, you'll basically receive an all-encompassing lesson plan and lesson each month. It makes homeschooling with unit studies and topic studies very simple, so if you're a busy mom who doesn't want to worry about over-planning, this might be perfect for you.

In addition to a US-based subscription box, Little Passports also has a world geography box, a box specifically for younger kids, and a science box. They also have a ton of great information for homeschoolers and parents on their blog. For example, this post on 9 ways to say thanks around the world can be a great post to share with your kids as they learn about new places!

One of the most important things my kids learned while we were traveling was how to say "thank you." When you go to a new place, even if you aren't fluent in the language, just being able to say "hello" and "thank you" in the local language can make traveling much easier. It also shows a huge amount of respect to the people you're speaking with, so I love that Little Passports has these resources for parents. (So even if you aren't interested in subscribing, check out their blog! There are tons of free articles you can enjoy and learn from.)

For more information about Little Passports, visit their website. Then leave me a comment and tell me what you thought!


Have you ever used a subscription box program to homeschool? Tell me about it in the comments!

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