Homeschool From Anywhere (It's Easier Than You Think!)

6:25 PM

My husband and I recently returned from two and a half years abroad. During our time in Asia, we homeschooled our two boys. Without access to things like homeschool co-ops or a spacious home with study space, we quickly got used to homeschooling on-the-go. Now that we're back in America, I still love homeschooling in places that aren't, well, home.

There's this misconception that homeschool families only teach school at home, but there are plenty of places you can go to do your homeschooling, such as:

  • Parks
  • Coffee shops
  • Gaming cafes
  • Libraries
  • Community centers
Of course, you can always integrate things like museum visits, lessons, and day trips to different cultural and social activities. When it comes to regular, day-to-day book work, though, don't be afraid to mix it up and visit other places with your kiddos.

Here's how.

First off, plan your day. Whether we're going to spend a day driving to another city and visiting coffee shops or exploring our own local town, I plan exactly what we're going to be teaching, where we'll be teaching it, and how long we'll be gone for. This allows me to figure out what items we need to pack as far as things like pens, pencils, and books, but it also lets me plan out snacks and whether we'll need things like a change of clothing.

Next, pack your bags. Each of my kids has a backpack they can easily fit their tablets, textbooks, and notebooks in. There are also plenty of pockets for extra art supplies, snacks, and drinks. I like to have each child utilize their own individual backpack because it simplifies things for me. Rather than throwing everything into one large tote, each of my kids has their own worksheets and books ready ahead of time.

Finally, take off. Get in your car or head to the bus stop and go have a wonderful adventure. Make sure you utilize every available moment you have to educate, even while you're traveling. For example, while you're on the bus, your kids can review flashcards or listen to language pod lessons on their phones. If you're planning to drive, you can listen to an audiobook or have your kids practice reading out loud. If you're standing in line waiting to order your coffee, your kids can review vocabulary words, spelling words, or even read a Kindle book.

Of course, homeschooling on-the-go won't work with every subject or for every kid. If you're planning to review math lessons or tackle new scientific theories, however, homeschooling at coffee shops or libraries can be a fun way to spend time with your kids in a new environment while being productive with your studies.

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