Keeping Littles Busy: 3 Ways to Spend a Winter Afternoon

10:36 AM

It's cold in Kansas, which means park days and exploring around town is out of the question. Due to asthma and other health limitations, we're stuck indoors this winter, but that's all right. Even if you're stuck inside and even if you're on a budget, there are plenty of ways to entertain your little ones this winter.

Get out the old toys
When was the last time you dug through your old toys? Do you have boxes of forgotten Toy Story dolls in your attic? Basement? Shoved under the bed? Now's the time to drag them out. You might be surprised at just how much fun your kids have playing with old toys they'd completely forgotten about. On the flip side, if they aren't interested in your old toys, you'll have an excuse to head to the thrift store and drop them off so another child can enjoy them in the future.

Choose a theme for the afternoon
Pick a theme for the day. This could be something like Winter Wonderland or it could be Disney or it could be Cowboys. Then, spend the afternoon enjoying activities, movies, and books that match your theme. If you choose cowboys, for example, you could watch cowboy cartoons with your kiddos, make a cowboy-themed craft, and dress up like cowboys. You could even make sure you eat a snack worthy of cowboys. Similarly, if you choose a Disney theme, you can watch Disney films, read Disney books, and make cupcakes or snacks that match your theme of the day. You could even dress up as a Disney princess using materials you find around the house. I promise your kids won't mind!

Get crafty
One of my favorite things to do on winter afternoons is craft. My kids love to draw, so being stuck inside gives us a great chance to break out the crayons, markers, and paints and create new things. You can draw pictures of the snow, your family, or even of experiences you've already had. Don't be afraid to give your kids some drawing prompts if they get stuck. If you aren't a huge craft person, check Pinterest for ideas or you could even consider getting a subscription to a craft box. Subscription boxes enable you to do a couple of crafts each month without a lot of planning or messes.

Don't let a cold winter day mean you're bored all day. Instead, use this chance to spend time with your littles and do some fun activities you might not otherwise get the chance to try.

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