Beating the Winter Blues: 4 Ways to Save Your Sanity

11:25 AM

Winter is coming, and with it comes...boredom.

While my kids are fantastic at entertaining themselves, we're a really active family. We love to go to the park, explore our community on walks, and play games outside in the yard. Because of medical limitations like asthma, now that the air is a bit colder, we've been trying to find new and interesting ways to have fun.

Are you worried about ways to keep your kids busy this winter? Here are some fun ideas you can consider implementing in your own life.

Join a group - or start your own!
If you haven't been on lately, now's the time to check it out. Most communities have a variety of MeetUp groups that include things like play dates, field trips, outings to local events, and even mom's nights out! You can also find groups on sites like Facebook that enable you to connect with other local families. If you can't find a group in your area, don't worry! Why not start your own? Creating your own group requires a bit of dedication and planning, but it'll be well worth it to have new buddies to hang out with.

Get a new hobby
If you need a new hobby, the cold winter months are the time to start. Chances are that most of your friends are staying out of the cold, too, so consider meeting up with them to try something new. If you haven't tried making your own candles, getting in on the rock-painting trend, or playing Minecraft, now's the time to try.

Play with your kids
Why not pick up a board game, video game, or fun family activity you can enjoy together? This winter is the perfect time to hang out with your kids and really get to know them. Some of the best conversations with your kids will happen while you're just hanging out, so consider finding an activity at home that all of you can enjoy together. Lately, my kids and I have been playing Fortnite Battle Royale, which is free to play and a ton of fun.

Read something you've never read before
Are you stuck in the same rut when it comes to reading? Why not branch out? Kindle has a ton of free books each day, so it's a great way to try out new authors and maybe discover new favorites. If you tend to read epic fantasy by the same author, why not try someone new? Better yet, get brave and try reading something in a totally different genre you've never considered exploring before.

No matter where you live or what your interests might be, it's possible to find fun, interesting ways to enjoy spending time with your family this winter. Sometimes it just takes a bit of planning and preparation in order to do so.

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