How to Teach 2nd Grade Math Without Going Crazy

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If you've been scratching your head trying to remember whether > means "greater than" or "less than," this is the pots for you.

I know firsthand just how tricky teaching 2nd grade math is. Fortunately, there are a ton of resources available that will help you educate your 2nd grader without going crazy.

Whether or not you used a boxed curriculum, there are a few things that you'll want to make sure your child masters during his 2nd grade year.

Here is what your child should learn in the 2nd grade:

-Greater than/less than
-How to use a thermometer
-How to use a ruler
-Adding more complex numbers (100s, 10s, etc.)
-Subtracting those same numbers
-Mastering counting to 100 by 10s, 5s, and 2s.
-Basic geometry
-Fractions (what is "half"?)
-Basic money identification (quarters, nickels, etc)
For even more skills that your child should learn in the 2nd grade, check out this list on IXL.

Still want a bit of guidance when it comes to teaching?

No problem!

This post is designed to help you teach 2nd grade math while keeping your cool. If you're uncomfortable with numbers or you have a difficult time teaching math, your child will pick up on it. He'll become even more frustrated than he was before. In order to teach math in a way that is fun, relaxing, and educational, check out these resources an tips.

Greater than/less than:

Math is Fun has a helpful chart for remembering which sign means "greater than" and which means "less than." To simplify it even more? The arrow points at the smaller number!

You can also watch Allie the Alligator with your child for teaching greater than/less than.

How to use a thermometer

For a science and math combined lesson, check out this tutorial that discusses how you can make your own thermometer using household items.

You can also check out Step Into Second Grade and check out this teacher's classroom project. You can create your own thermometers during an art lesson!

How to use a ruler

Visit's free ruler printable worksheet. You can print out your own ruler and let your child measure items on the page. Don't stop there, though! Measure other things around your house. Need some ideas? Try measuring your doorknobs, your fridge, your child's hand, or even your pets!

Adding more complex numbers (100s, 10s, etc.)

Visit PreK-8 for some free downloadable worksheets that you can use for teaching addition. also has a printable that you can ues.

Watch a YouTube cartoon that explains how to do double digit addition.

Subtracting those same numbers

Read the lesson on double digit subtraction at Cool Math 4 Kids. They break things down and make it SUPER easy to teach your youngster!

Check out this YouTube video that easily explains to children how to subtract from the ones column and then the tens column.

Mastering counting to 100 by 10s, 5s, and 2s.

There is a fantastic song on YouTube that shows how your child can count to 100 by 5s.

This song shows how you can count using 2s, 5s, or 10s.

Not a singer? Practice counting with your child in the car, before bed, or even while you're eating breakfast.

Basic geometry 

Soft Schools has free geometry worksheets that you can download to use in your home school!

K-5 Math Teaching Resources has several activities that you can do to teach geometry to your student.

Fractions (what is "half"?)

Get your free worksheets to teach fractions at Math Fox. They have a huge selection of worksheets that you can easily print off to use at home. also has free worksheets for talking about fractions.

Basic money identification (quarters, nickels, etc)

Check out this YouTube video for teaching about U.S. currency.

You can also check out this video on how to make your own free money game.

Looking for even more tips on keeping your cool while you teach? Check out How to Home School Your Child Without Going Crazy.

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