Five Places to Home School Away From Home

9:28 PM

Looking for some fun ways to spice up your days? Instead of sitting at home, take your home education with you wherever you go. Here are just a few fun places that you can home school your kids away from home.

1. The park
Do you have parks close by? Why not pack up a picnic lunch and go learn about nature? You could opt for a playground and get in some PE time or head to a National Park and learn about America.

2. Museums
Children's museum, science museums, or history museums can all be fantastic places to learn. Ditch the textbooks and instead have a great time exploring museums and learning from the exhibits. Don't forget to check Amazon Local and Groupon for discounted rates.

3. The zoo
Learn about science, nature, and history at the zoo. Try to visit on a morning when the zoo is having a presentation so that your kids can learn more in-depth about feeding and caring for animals.

4. Grandma's house
Love to travel? Why not grab your books and head to Grandma's house for a few days? You could also try visiting friends in other states. Your kids will get to enjoy a road trip and learning about different cities.

5. The lake
Grab your fishing poles and head to the lake. You could learn about catching your own food, but this also offers a great opportunity for teaching your kids how to camp and survive outdoors.

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