Butterfly Crafts You Can Do at Home

12:23 PM

Autumn is here and it's time to start conquering some new crafts! Whether you have a preschooler, kindergartner, or a 1st grader, butterfly crafts offer a great way to spend an afternoon, to decorate your house, to spend time together, and to learn about nature. In this post you'll find four of my favorite butterfly crafts put together by top-notch bloggers who walk you through the process of creating butterfly crafts step-by-step.

Picking things like butterfly crafts will open up discussions with your child about science and nature. Ask questions like "Where do butterflies live?" or "Why are butterflies important?" Talk with your child about the differences between moths and butterflies. You can also use this as a chance to try out new craft items. Each craft below requires different things - some use paint, some use markers, and some use scissors. Choose a butterfly craft that meets your child's needs and that is age-appropriate for your little ones.

Two-Daloo has a fantastic post on creating an easy butterfly suncatcher. This post also includes links to other bloggers who have similar springtime Easter crafts available.

Crystal & Co shows you how you can teach your child the letter "B" with this cute butterfly craft.

Spotted Canary has an easy butterfly craft that is perfect to do with a group of kids or for a party.

Modern Handmade Child shows you how to make a cute little butterfly at home with your preschool child.

Now you're all set to work on the letter "B" with your child! Remember to relax and have fun as you work together on your new project.

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