3 Things Every Mom Needs in Her Bug Out Bag

5:31 PM

If you're a mom and you're trying to create the perfect bug out bag, there are a few essential items that you shouldn't be without. No matter what your personal situation might be, whether you're a country mom or a city girl, whether you have five kids or just one, here are three items you need to have in your bag.

1. Tampons
Obvious, right? Moms have their periods, don't forget your tampons. Haha, we all get it. The truth is, though, that tampons can serve as much more than just emergency period protection. In fact, you can use tampons for a temporary water filter or even to stop a nosebleed. Make sure that you have at least a few in your bug out bag.

2. Q-Tips
Don't leave home without them. While you're probably used to using Q-Tips for things like paint projects, they can be useful in a variety of situations. One important use for Q-Tips would be applying antiseptic to wounds, for example.

3. Vodka
Head to your local liquor store and pick up a few mini travel bottles of vodka. Even if you don't drink vodka (but let's face it - during an apocalypse you might want to), you'll be able to use it as a pain-numbing agent or to sterilize wounds.

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