Review: Colortime Markers and Halloween Tote

11:18 AM

My kids and I recently had the chance to try Colortime Crafts and Markers. I'd never tried fabric markers before, but my sons were excited to check out this Trick-or-Treat Halloween do-it-yourself bag from Colortime.

First off, Colortime has a ton of different products, including things like pillow cases! If you're looking for simple, non-messy crafts to do with your kids, these are really, really easy. Those of you who have been reading The Nerdy Survivalist for awhile know that I love things that are cheap, easy, non-messy, and that don't take up a lot of space. This craft was fantastic because we designed a bag my kids can use when they go out on Halloween, but it's literally a tote bag, so we can also use it for going to the library or overnight sleepovers at Grandma's house. 

When you use Colortime products, you'll need two things: the item you want to color and markers. These typically aren't sold together, but you can buy a variety of colors on their website. We used purple, green, and orange. The item we used also came with instructions for coloring other items, so we can reuse these markers on other bags, shirts, or even pillow cases to decorate together.

Overall, this was a completely mess-free craft that my boys both really enjoyed!

Disclosure: Colortime provided a bag and markers for us to try; however, all opinions expressed are my own.

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