How to learn about prepping without reading a guide

8:10 AM

When I'm not busy homeschooling or studying Chinese or working, I really love to read about prepping. I enjoy prepping guides on different topics and I've written quite a few myself. My favorite prepping books include a well-rounded balance of prepping tips and practical advice for families. Many guides make the mistake of talking to single adults, which is fine, but makes it challenging to prep if you have little kids.

If you've been thinking about learning to prep, though, you don't have to pour over a guide to get ideas. There are plenty of places you can learn useful prepping skills. Here are just a few.

Post-apocalyptic novels are one of the best places to find prepping tips. Why? Zombies. That's why. Apocalypse writers try to be inventive, so you can expect to find some creative ideas for prepping you might not have considered. While some authors go crazy with fighting scenes, most have a good balance of finding water and supplies, utilizing the area around the characters, and building a base. I'm partial to J.L. Bourne's books, but there are many great dystopian novels available on Amazon.

Stories from older people are another great way to learn. Do you know a retired person in your community? Do you still have grandparents around? Why not chat with them about the "good old days"? You might be surprised at just how much you can learn hanging out and having fun sharing stories. I know that my grandparents often have great ideas for things like gardening, saving money, and cooking at home. Many older people (note: older just means older than you!) are willing to share stories and ideas if you're willing to listen.

There are plenty of ways to start prepping without pouring over guides. These are just a couple of my favorite ways to learn.

What about you? How do you find new ideas for prepping?

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