How we use AUDIBLE in our homeschool

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Last year I clicked a link from someone's blog and ended up at I had heard of the site - mostly on YouTube - but had never checked it out.

When you join Audible (you can use your Amazon account), you get a free one-month trial that includes a free book. I was sold! I downloaded The Complete Chronicles of Narnia for free and started listening with my kids.

I was instantly hooked.

So here's the deal on how works and how you can use it in your homeschool. offers a couple of options. First, you can sign up for a monthly subscription. This is what I do. It's $14.95 per month and you get one "credit" each month that you can use to download an Audiobook of your choice, regardless of price. I usually use this credit on a super-expensive book, like Harry Potter (which is usually around $30-40 per book) or a collection of stories. This month, we got the Addie American Girl books.

You also get a membership discount of 30% on books purchased without credits, as well as access to members-only sales and discounts. I've gotten books for $1 just for being a member and insane discounts on other books. For example, one weekend Audible had a "50% off the first book in a series" sale and some books in my wish list were applicable for the discount!

In our homeschooling, we listen to a lot of audiobooks. While you can get quite a few books for free on YouTube and other streaming sites, I like Audible because I can download everything to my phone or my kids' tablets and they can listen offline. My kids will listen to an audiobook while they play video games and while they're winding down at the end of the day.

Don't get me wrong: we still read plenty of regular books out loud. Both of my kids enjoy reading stories with me, but they both really enjoy the voice acting of Audible books. I especially like the wide range of books and how many new phrases and words my kids learn. Every day we have something new to discuss, whether it's the phrase "No 'i' in 'team" or the word "parched," there is always something new and interesting we can explore through books.

We like to read books that:
-are related to the lessons we're studying in each subject
-feature strong kid characters
-explore new ideas
-involve history or culture in some way

Some of our favorites so far have been:
-Samantha's books from the American Girl series
-Nancy Drew
-The Boxcar Children
-Indiana Jones

If you're interested in audiobooks for your kids (or yourself!), you can get a one-month free trial at It's super easy to cancel if it's not for you and you get to keep the book.

Do you have a membership already? What do you think?

* Note: this post contains affiliate links. Any income earned from purchases made through this blog are used to keep the site running :)

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