Best Minimalism Posts You Should Be Reading

4:29 AM

Want to learn more about minimalism?

This week, check out these fantastic posts and resources for minimalists! Whether you're looking for ways to downsize or you just want to get organized, these posts will guide you on your journey.

1. Minimalism YouTubers
YouTube is an amazing resource that a lot of minimalists overlook. Check out these channels for tips on simplifying your life.

2. Why do we buy it?
If you're stuck in the rut of buying things you don't really need, check out Simplicity Relished. This post explains some of the most common reasons we buy when we don't need something.

3.Minimalist pantries
Do you love to cook, but want to pare back? Check out this guide to stocking a minimalist pantry. Remember: simple living doesn't mean boring living.

4. Letting go
Finally, if you've been having a hard time letting go of things you don't need, you should read this Sometimes a little push is all you need to motivate you and help you start letting go of the past and moving forward.

I love reading minimalist blogs and books because there is always something new to learn or embrace. Letting go really can be freeing, but we have to get to that point of realizing we don't "need" everything in order to achieve that peace.

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