5 Ways to Have Fun With Your Kids This Week

6:08 AM

In Taiwan, the days are already getting hotter! It's almost too hot to go to the park in the afternoon, which means we've been switching it up and going in the mornings or early evenings. What about those rainy days, though? Or, if you're an expat in Asia, like me, what about the smoggy days?

This week, I've come up with five fun things you can do with your kids! My kids are 6 and 8, so this list is aimed at kids in that age range, but you can always adapt these ideas for younger or older children.

1. Make something
I don't know about you, but I have an entire Pinterest board of DIY ideas I haven't conquered. This week, why not try just one project on your list? We're going to pick up some canvas and do a little painting, but your DIY project could be absolutely anything.

2. Create your own audiobook
My kids are crazy for audiobooks. Seriously. We spend at least two hours a day listening to audiobooks - and that's before the bedtime books! Why not create your own? Or at least enact your own? I like to read a book out loud with my son and we come up with fun voices and sound effects to make as we read. You can also use a freebie audio app on your phone to record yourselves. Then your kids can listen later on.

3. Dance
Want to burn up energy? Put on your favorite song and come up with a dance routine. No, it doesn't have to be serious. Yes, this is a real idea. We like to look at different choreography videos on YouTube and then follow along. This burns calories and keeps my kids busy.

4. Draw
Since we're living abroad, I want my kids to have fun memories of their time here. While neither one of them enjoys journaling on its own, they both like to draw. Each day, they do a drawing. This can be anything: an adventure we had, something they were thinking about, or even a character they like. We keep most of the pictures in organized folders so later on, they'll be able to look back at their time here and see what they were thinking and feeling.

5. Play ball
Line up a bunch of cups and try to throw a bouncy ball in. Set up a toy basketball hoop and try to get the ball in. Put stickers on the wall and try to hit each one with a tiny bouncy ball. The possibilities are endless, as long as you have a room where you don't have to worry about things breaking!

What are you and your kids doing this week to have fun?

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