Essential Oils Every Prepper Needs

11:19 PM

You've probably got a friend who sells essential oils (or "EOs" if you wanna be a cool kid). Maybe your buddy posts pictures on Facebook all day long or is constantly asking if you want to sign up to sell them, too. After all, it's good money. After all, they're good for your health.

While I'm not a fan of pushy parents trying to peddle me potions (see what I did there?), I do enjoy using essential oils with my family, especially in a pinch when I don't have a huge first aid kit on hand.

Some preppers swear by essential oils in lieu of traditional medicines and while I won't go that far, I do think they have their place, especially when it comes to cleaning, sanitizing, and curing minor ailments.

OnGuard, for example, is one of my favorite essential oils. You can buy this here online or through a DoTerra consultant. Sometimes, you can find OnGuard inexpensively on eBay, but no matter where you shop, it'll end up being about $35 for a bottle. Now, while I'll be the first to admit that's pricey, this is one of my favorite oils ever. It's versatile and you can use it for just about everything.

For example, I use this to make toothpaste for my family. I also put a few drops in my kids' baths when they're sick. You can rub it on your child's feet (use a carrier oil, such as coconut, and cover their feet with socks) when they're sick. You can mix it with vinegar and water and make a cleaning solution. The possibilities are endless.

Peppermint Oil is another "must have" for any prepper. This oil is great for dealing with allergies, sinus pressure, or headaches. Some preppers also have great luck keeping spiders and insects at bay when they spray peppermint oil in their homes. Just add some peppermint oil and water in a spray bottle, then go crazy. It's fine to use around kids, but make sure you check each individual brand before you decide to ingest this stuff. Some oils are fine to take internally, but most are diluted and designed for external use only. DoTerra and Young Living are both good, reputable brands, but make sure you read your labels before using. Buy it here on Amazon or through your favorite essential oil distributor.

Tea Tree Oil is one of those go-to oils that everyone loves. One of my close friends loves to use this oil in homemade mosquito repellent. Others use it in toothpastes or homemade cleaners. Here in Taiwan, this oil is used frequently in hand sanitizer. Fun fact: when my son was in the hospital, all of the soap was tea tree oil based! There are many brands of tea tree oil and lots of products that incorporate this fantastic oil. You can even use it to conquer mold and mildew in your home.

Have you used any of these oils? What are some of your go-to oils for prepping?

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