Earthquakes in Taiwan

1:53 AM

I spend most of my time homeschooling, studying, or working. In between there, I take my kids to the park and go exploring. My boys both love having adventures, so sometimes we'll say, "It's adventure time!" and go wandering down new streets or take the bus somewhere we've never been.

This week in Taiwan, we had a bit of an adventure we hadn't planned for.

When we moved here, we knew there would be crazy typhoons and power outages and maybe even some flooding, but the earthquake that rocked our world Saturday morning was unexpected.

We woke up around 4am. The walls and floors were shaking and the bed was moving from side-to-side. No matter how many earthquakes I'm in, my default thought is always it's a tornado! I'm from Kansas. I'm sorry. It's just how we country girls think.

It wasn't a tornado, though. A town south of where we live had been hit with a 6.4 earthquake. Several buildings collapsed, killing and injuring many local residents. 

When everything calmed down, I realized it might be time to prep a go bag (or bug-out-bag) for our time in Taiwan. We don't have very much stuff, so honestly, I could easily grab everything important we needed, but what about socks? What about shoes? In the middle of the night, our kids didn't even wake up during the earthquake. If we needed to evacuate quickly, would we really want them going barefoot in a building that is coming down?

If you've never been in an earthquake, has some great tips. The most important thing? Don't try to run around. Things will be flying around and falling and the last thing you want is to get injured when you can't get help right away. 

In our local area, when the quake ended, we checked our home for anything that fell or broke so we could safely clean up things like glass and pottery. There were aftershocks, so we made sure to remain cautious and aware. When the kids woke up, we went through earthquake safety with them and explained what they should do if there's another earthquake.

Rule number one?

Don't panic.

We reminded the kids that they need to stay calm and avoid panicking if something happens. No matter what type of situation you find yourself in, remaining as cool and collected as possible will help you make the right choices to safely get through the disaster.

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