5 Things You Can Get Rid of TODAY

9:16 PM

When you're reading blogs or guides on minimalism, you're probably thinking, "These are great ideas, but I just don't have the time." Maybe you're planning to declutter over spring break or when you have a weekend to yourself, but the truth is that you don't have to wait to declutter. You can get started right away, right now, today.

Here are five things you can get rid of without waiting.

1. Worn-out shoes
Did you buy new running shoes but keep your old ones "just in case" you want them? Did you get a new pair of heels but keep your extras because they're so comfy? There's no reason to keep worn-out shoes that are either unwearable or unstylish. Unless you're planning to bedazzle them tomorrow, you can get rid of them.

2. Food you don't like
Did you buy a bunch of boxed pasta on sale only to discover that it tastes like...boxed pasta that was on sale? Give it away. Pack up any nonperishables you have, but don't like, and give them away. You can donate these to your church's food pantry, your local thrift shop (check to see if they accept food donations first), or just give them your neighbors.

3. Old magazines
Unless you're a professional librarian who runs a library out of her house, you don't need to save old magazines. If you have a cop of Declutterbugs Unite that's more than three months old, you aren't going to read it, so recycle it or donate it now.

4. That kitchen appliance you never use
Maybe a well-meaning relative gave you a juicer or your mom got you a crock pot on sale, but you already have one or you just really hate crock pot cooking. Either way, today is the day you should get rid of that kitchen appliance you have, but never use. It's taking up valuable kitchen space so just get rid of it.

5. Extra sheets
Do you have an entire linen closet full of sheet sets? Do you really need twelve? Pick out two sets of sheets for each bed in your house (keep an extra if you have a couch or trundle bed you only use occasionally) and get rid of the rest. This will give you one set of sheets for each bed during the week and one to use when it's laundry day. You won't miss the extra sheets you're getting rid of and, most importantly, your linen closet will suddenly have a lot more free space.

Remember that decluttering is something you can start right away. You don't have to wait for extra cash or extra free time to actually start getting rid of stuff in your home. There's no reason you can't slowly start getting rid of one item at a time to create a cleaner, more clutter-free life.

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