Do I really need that?

3:27 AM

The simplest way to start living a minimal life is to ask yourself, "Do I really need that?"

Honestly, this can be used in any number of ways each day.

"Do I really need that extra slice of pie?"

"Do I really need the large size?"

"Do I really need this box of books I've never read?"

"Do I really need to buy another blanket?"

This week, consider asking yourself, "Do I really need that?" When you focus on this idea, you'll find that you're more conscious of what you're consuming and what you're bringing into your house. Even if you're a prepper - which I highly encourage - you can still ask yourself if you need things. The best way to prep is to do so within reason. You probably don't need 370 jars of green beans for your pantry. You might need 50. You decide. Just remember that sometimes, we think we need things that we really don't and a bit of self-evaluation can go a long way.

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