Why Every Prepper Should Read Gorilla Mindset

9:32 PM

If you're active in the #gamergate crowd on Twitter, you've probably heard of Mike Cernovich. He's the creator of Danger and Play and the author of a book called Gorilla Mindset. He's also a world traveler, an entrepreneur, and a really all-around interesting guy. I read Gorilla Mindset last month after going to a webinar hosted by Mike Cernovich and Vox Day. The book was incredibly informative and it's one I think every prepper should read.

Here's why.

1. The author practices what he preaches
 I think the most important thing to know about this book is that while the author is confrontational and opinionated, he's transparent. He doesn't hide who he is or lie. In fact, he's very active on both Twitter and his blog talking about the importance of honesty. While many authors write self-help books, a lot of them make the mistake of caring more about money than actually helping people. I like Mike's book because he took the time to host a free webinar with Vox (which I attended) that provided a lot of useful, tangible ways to improve myself. I also like his book because Mike admits that he isn't perfect, yet he learns from his mistakes and shows readers how they can, too. Another reason this author is worth reading is that he reaches out to veterans. Long-time readers will remember that my husband spent 10 years in the Air Force, so the fact that Mike gave free copies of his book to veterans is very important to me and shows that he cares about his readers and in getting this information out there.

2. It's not just for men
I do not have a penis. I also read and enjoyed Gorilla Mindset. I'm a conservative Christian wife and mother of two and I thought this book was awesome. Many books written by females, especially self-help books, make the mistake of convincing women to love ourselves "as-is." I like that Gorilla Mindset showed me real, tangible ways I could improve myself that didn't involve any sort of "body love" campaign. While I get that many women love these types of campaigns, I would rather develop the skills I need to improve myself, rather than try to convince myself that I'm fine. Anytime my kids struggle with something, I remind them that they can always get better. The same is true for myself. If I'm not happy with my weight, I need to eat healthier and work out more. If I'm not happy with my book sales, I can market and promote and write more books. I do not have to live life being unhappy, but I also have to be brave enough to take a stand and move forward.

3. You'll learn how to live the life you want
If you're a prepper, you have goals for your life. Maybe you want to learn how to garden or how to shoot. Maybe you want to make your own bullets or learn about holistic medicine. You might want to live off the grid or become self-sufficient. Maybe you want to homeschool your kids so they can focus on developing life skills. Gorilla Mindset can help you reach your goals by showing you how to refocus your energy and how to refocus your mind. If you constantly come up with excuses and reasons why you can't do things, you'll always find a way to avoid success. Instead of being afraid of achieving your goals, this book will give you the skills you need to become a better prepper, parent, spouse, and person.

I recommended this book to my husband and when my kids are older, I'll suggest they read it, too. Any man or woman can benefit from the skills Mike shares in his book. This book is all about bettering yourself by improving your mindset. Since reading this book, I've found that I am more committed to my work, dedicated to improving myself, and more sure of the fact that my thinking really impacts my ability to succeed.

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