How to Start Prepping When Your Spouse Thinks You're Crazy

9:10 PM

One of the biggest questions people have about prepping is, "How do I get my spouse on board?"

Hopefully, if you're thinking of prepping for any type of emergency situation, you have a supportive spouse. Ideally, your spouse is someone who will prep with you, who will help you, and who will come up with a plan that works for your family.

If your spouse thinks you're crazy, though, prepping will be a little tougher.

It won't be impossible.

If you have a partner who thinks prepping is silly, a waste of money, or useless, you do not need to ridicule them. You don't need to make fun of them. You don't need to bombard them with links to your favorite prepper sites. If you do, you're simply going to alienate them and demonstrate that your spouse's opinion doesn't matter. This is basically the worst thing you could possibly do.

Instead, consider your spouse's concerns and try to work in a way that demonstrates respect of their opinion.

For example, maybe your wife thinks prepping is a waste of money. Maybe she's worried that if you spend a lot of money on guns, ammo, food, or supplies that you won't have enough money to make your car payment. Instead of ignoring her wishes and buying all the supplies you want, consider clipping coupons, looking for sales, or finding non-expensive things you can prep with. You could also look for ways to reduce your household spending to increase your "play money." By doing this, you'll show your spouse that you care about her opinion and that you're willing to work hard to make prepping work for your family.

If you have a husband who thinks prepping is faddish or silly, you can begin prepping slowly. One way to do this is to focus on skills, rather than accumulating "stuff." For example, you could start running each day to increase your physical fitness and endurance. You could sign up for a free online class at Coursera to learn how to survive in the wilderness. You could watch YouTube videos on gardening. You could get an eBook on prepping. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to prepping, you shouldn't do anything that's going to push away or alienate your partner. Try to include them as much as possible so you can grow together as a couple, rather than letting this get between you.

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