How to Make Your Own Tooth Powder

11:59 PM

One of the biggest problems that a lot of preppers face is being able to stock up on all of their favorite items. This is especially difficult for city preppers who may, like me, be limited by their small space.

When it comes to health care, a lot of bloggers will advise you to stock up on toothpaste. This is especially easy if you like to use coupons. There are almost always coupons available for any type of toothpaste you could ever want to buy, so it's easy to create quite a horde rather quickly.

The main problem with this is that you're going to overload your house with toothpaste. The secondary problem is that toothpaste typically isn't really that good for your teeth.

About a year ago, I switched from using store bought toothpaste to homemade toothpaste. I make mine myself using coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oils. I like peppermint and lavender, personally, but a lot of people also add a drop or two of clove oil since it's great at cleaning your mouth. (It's a "hot" oil, though, so be warned! Don't use too much or your mouth is going to be burning.)

Recently, though, I found out about remineralizing tooth powder.

This is a tooth powder that you can make yourself using bentonite clay and essential oils. It's simple and easy to make. The idea behind using tooth powder, rather than toothpaste, is that this helps remineralize your teeth. If you have a lot of tooth decay or dental problems, this can be especially beneficial. I have fairly thin enamel since my orthodontist inadvertently removed quite a bit when he took my braces off as a kid. I had a dentist recommend that I try MI Paste, but once I found out about tooth powder, I switched.

Here you'll find three of my favorite recipes for making your own tooth powder. As you can see, it's really simple. You can get your ingredients right off of Amazon so that you aren't running around to a bunch of different stores trying to buy these things. If you want to try it out before you invest in all of the ingredients, you can also get small jars on Etsy. I just purchased a jar for about $6. Just do an Etsy search for "tooth powder" and you'll come up with different recipes, jars, and flavors.

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