Prepping Your Home for the Holidays

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Not all prepping is about emergency survival. Sometimes prepping is just about being ready for what happens next.

It's October, which means the next thing that's gonna happen is Thanksgiving.

Then Christmas.

Then New Year's.

Then you're probably going to crash super hard and not want to look at another cookie, glass of milk, or credit card bill for the rest of your life.

Or, you know, until next October.

One of the best things you can do now, in October, before the holidays even begin, is to start prepping your home. This applies whether or not you have kids and whether or not you plan to host guests.

If you can get your house clean and organized before the holidays arrive, you'll be able to run everything without exerting all of your energy. What I mean is that by organizing ahead of time, you won't be stuck with your regular last-minute chores.

For example, if you usually wait until your guests are pulling into the driveway to start baking cookies or cleaning up the living room, you're probably used to stressing out at the last second. Cleaning ahead of time, decluttering, and getting organized can help you prevent this stress. Prepping ahead of time means you won't be rushing around because you'll already be prepared for anything that might happen.

Instead of busting your buns and trying to scramble to get ready the night before Thanksgiving, consider prepping your home, wardrobe, and menu ahead of time, starting now.

Here's what you need to know.

  • Nobody cares that you're still fat. Let's just get this out of the way. Nobody cares. Everyone is so worried about what they look like that they really don't care about you. Sorry. They just don't. So before you even start stressing about your holiday wardrobe, go ahead and stop. It doesn't matter what you wear. You'll look fine. 
  • Your kids should have comfortable holiday clothes - not fancy ones. Seriously, don't try to dress up your kids in clothes that are so fancy they can't spill on them. Do you want your kids to remember the holiday because it was so awful they couldn't stand it? Or do you want them to remember the fun times?
  • Get rid of all of your old magazines. There's no reason you need magazines around that are more than three months old. If you haven't read them yet, you aren't going to. Trash or recycle.
  • Buy a basket for your entryway. Leave it there. You can let your kids or guests throw shoes in it when they come inside. This will prevent anyone from tripping when they first walk in.
  • Clean your oven really, really well. Do it now. When it's time to cook for the holidays, you won't be wasting time cleaning your oven.
  • Hire someone to help you if you need it. Whether this is a babysitter so you can have time to really scrub your bathrooms or someone to scrub them for you, consider investing a small amount of money in getting the help you need. If you can't afford it, just clean when the kids are in bed at night. Yes, I know this is easier said than done.
  • Set a budget with your spouse. Don't worry about what other people are buying. The holidays are about spending time with the people you love - not about gifts. If you can't afford something big, don't buy something big.
  • Do a major declutter. Walk through each room of your house and get rid of five things you don't use or like. Make sure you choose items that are yours and not your spouse's.

What other holiday-prepping tips do you have? Leave them in the comments!

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