How to Talk With Your Spouse About Disaster Prepping

12:16 AM

If you want to prepare for a minor storm or disaster, it's usually not a big deal. After all, you can just pick up a few extra supplies the next time you're at the grocery store. Who cares?

If you want to start seriously prepping for disasters, though, including investing in bug out bag supplies or larger amounts of food, it's a good idea to discuss this with your spouse.

But how can you bring up prepping without sounding like you're crazy?

Make sure your timing is right
First off, make sure you choose the right time. Pouncing your husband when he walks in the front door or right after you've made love are fast ways to piss him off. Seriously. Choose a time when the two of you can casually talk about your ideas for prepping. Make sure he's relaxed, you're relaxed, the kids are relaxed, and then go for it. Over dinner is fine, while you're cleaning up together is fine, and while you're hanging out in the backyard is fine. But seriously, don't bring this up when he's trying to relax

Don't overload him
Give your husband information, but don't overshare. Seriously. "I've been reading about prepping, and I think this is a good idea because..." is fine. Giving him a list of quotes or reasons why specific preppers do each item isn't really necessary, at least not right away. Bring up the idea of prepping and how you want to implement it in your lives. You don't need to compare yourselves to extreme preppers or say anything weird that's going to freak him out, especially if you've never prepped before.

Outline why prepping is important
Talk with your husband why you think disaster prepping is important. Maybe you want to save money by prepping now instead of at the last second before a storm hits. Maybe you want to reduce your stress levels when prepping for storms. Maybe you just want to have extra supplies on hand for random bad-weather days that mean you can't get to the store.

Talk about what prepping will look like for your family
Prepping looks different for each family. I have one girlfriend who has converted her kitchen pantry into a full walk-in storage room with 6-months' worth of food. Another simply keeps a box of emergency supplies under her bed. What will prepping look like for your family? Talk about this with your husband and see what he thinks. He might be really excited about prepping or he might need some time to warm up to the idea.

Decide on a budget
Unfortunately, most of us have a budget that restricts how much we're able to prep. Decide on a prepping budget with your spouse. Discuss whether you want to buy weapons and how much you'll spend on them. Talk about how much food you want on hand and whether you can use coupons to reduce the cost. You may want to create a multi-month plan where you put $30 or $50 per paycheck toward prepping. This is also fine.

Have you talked with your spouse about prepping? Are you both on board with things?

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