20 Bug Out Bag Items You Need

7:19 AM

As summer drifts away and we're once again greeted with pumpkin-everything, it's time to switch up your bug-out bag. Yes, we all know about how important it is to have a BoB or "go bag." Call it whatever you like. The end result is the same: a bag you can grab and take with you in an emergency situation. You'll need enough in your bag to keep you safe, warm, healthy, and fed for a few days. Aim for three. Longer is better.

As you prepare your fall or winter bag, here are 20 must-have items you need to remember to pack. Obviously, this is not an all-encompassing list and you'll still need to personalize this to suit your own needs, but it's a good starting point of things I'll include with my bag this fall.

1. Baby wipes. I like Huggies, but really, any wipes are good. These are great for washing your hands or body, as well as cleaning surfaces while you're on-the-go.

2. Water

3. Protein bars

4. Snack food. Seriously, pack more than you think you'll need, especially if you have children. Kids might hate eating at dinnertime, but they tend to have these huge appetites during emergencies. Mine love crackers and beef jerky sticks. Dried fruit also packs well.

5. Socks. Pack extras. You can use these to stop bleeding if you need to, but honestly, you just never know when you're going to have cold feet. I was once caught in a horrible snowstorm while traveling (it was 90 degrees when I left!) and socks were one thing I desperately wished I had packed more of.

6. A knife. Get a good one.

7. Flashlights and batteries. Ideally, you should pack a large flashlight and smaller ones for each family member.

8. Sewing kit. Pick one up inexpensively at your local Dollar Tree.

9. Antihistamines. Benedryl and its generic counterparts are great for bug-out bags. You never know when you're going to come across something you're allergic to, especially being outside. If you have kids, make sure you either know the dosage for their height and weight or that you pack the children's version of this medication.

10. Rope

11. Duct tape

12. Cash

13. Copies of your ID cards and passports, as well as any other vital documents you absolutely must have.

14. First aid kit. You can get a pretty decent one for around $20 on Amazon or just pick up the specific items you want at your local camping or sporting goods store.

15. Change of clothes. If you're packing for more than one person, you may not have enough room for a lot of clothing. At the very least, include clean undergarments for each person.

16. Survival whistle

17. Glo-sticks

18. Emergency space blanket

19. Warm gloves

20. Antibiotics, if you can get them. Some doctors will write you an extra script if you ask, while other preppers use fish antibiotics in their bags, which are readily available online.

What would you add to this list?

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