Prepping With Kids: Clothing

8:28 PM

Most of us do a great job when it comes to creating a food storage or learning how to garden, but prepping includes more than just food. You might be alive, but are you clothed?

One thing a lot of parents tend to overlook is the need for clothing. If you have kids, you need to consider how you'll provide them with clothing. You have several options, one of which includes starting your own nudist colony.

I jest.

Prepper Ann does a great job talking about Goodwill prepping in this YouTube video. You can easily get a few pairs of clothes in each size you'll need for just a few dollars at thrift shops and yard sales. Remember that you'll need to consider seasonal items, as well as everyday items. Think about boots, underwear, bras, and winter coats.

Creating your own clothing is also an option if things get tough, so consider stocking up on a good pair of sewing scissors, needles, and thread. You can also take sewing or clothes making classes at your local community center.

Other options for getting inexpensive clothing for your storage:
-Wal-Mart sales. You can sometimes get clothing items for $1/each or less on the clearance racks.
-Hand-me-downs from friends.
-eBay auctions. Many parents will sell their old clothing inexpensively.
-Online clothing trading groups, including Facebook Swap 'n' Shop groups.

If you want to plan on making your own clothes or modifying your children's current wardrobe, hit up your local fabric and sewing stores for sales. You can get a basic sewing kit for $1 at The Dollar Tree, but may want to consider investing in more durable needles and better thread by stopping by your local craft store.

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