10 Things Every Prepper Should Carry While Traveling

8:29 PM

Most preppers want to travel at some point. If this is you, don't be caught off guard while you're away from home. There are 10 important things any prepper should take while traveling, regardless of where your destination might be.

1. Copies of your important documents. This includes passports and ID cards. If you lose your passport or it becomes damaged, you'll need a copy to use as identification in the meantime.

2. Baby wipes or body wipes. These come in handy for just about anything. Whether you need to clean up spills or wipe your hands, baby wipes are a "must" for any prepper.

3.SteriPEN Freedom Portable, Handheld UV Water Purifier for Travel. If you use a water purifier at home, you don't have to stop just because you're traveling. SteriPEN is a small, portable water purifier you can use on-the-go.

4. Sewing kit. You can get one of these inexpensively at your local Dollar Tree, craft store, or online through Amazon. A sewing kit can be used to repair clothes, remove a splinter, or numerous other ways. Our first month in Taiwan, we quickly discovered it was one of those important things we forgot to pack!

5. Protein bars. If you need a snack while you're traveling, having protein bars on hand can be really helpful. Also, keep in mind that not every country sells protein bars, so consider packing a few before you leave.

6. Batteries. Always bring extras. You can get extra cell phone batteries online or at your local phone store, but try to bring at least one extra with you in case your phone dies and you need to call for help.

7. Water bottle. You're going to get thirsty while you travel. Bring a water bottle.

8. Portable battery charger. We got the Anker 2nd Gen Astro E3 Ultra Compact before our trip and I LOVE it. Even now that we're settling in, I use it all the time. This works great for charging cell phones, tablets, and video games. Basically, anything with a USB charger can be charged with this.

9. Ponchos. You can get small, cheap ponchos to carry in your bag. They won't take up much space, but you'll be glad to have them should you get caught in a storm.

10. Flash light. Seriously. Pack one.

What's on your must-pack list for traveling?

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