Typhoon Prepping

2:44 AM

My family recently moved and were welcomed to our new home with a typhoon! Yes, a real-live typhoon. Our prepping was a little different than normal because we're in a new place, don't have a lot of supplies yet, and are limited by the location we're in.

For example, canned goods are not a thing in Asia. They're just not. You can't go to the grocery store and buy canned green beans. You can buy ramen, but not beans. That's just how it is.

So we decided to do our best and stocked up on crackers, nuts, water, juice, and dried fruit. Would this make a well-balanced diet? Not really. Would it last a weekend? Yes.

Fortunately, our typhoon ended up being more of a rainy disaster with loud winds than anything else. Our windows didn't break, though we did cover them with tape to reduce the shaking. The kids slept through most of the storm, then today we all went out to explore and take pictures.

Have you ever been in a typhoon? What did you do to prep?

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