Prepper Travel 101: Traveling With Kids

5:32 AM

Traveling overseas with little ones isn't easy or simple, but it is possible. With a bit of planning, it's even possible to do so without losing your mind.

Our second flight during the move to Taiwan was over 12 hours long. Having food allergies and small kids, I was a bit nervous about how the journey would go. After all, if I got sick, it's not like there would be an epi-pen on board. If a kid threw up all over himself, it's not like there would be a place to buy new clothes.

Enter the prepper.

For our flight, we each brought a backpack as a carry on. We also brought a small duffel bag that held a change of clothes for each kids, as well as extra stuff we might need. For our family, this included healthy snacks, a first aid kit, extra batteries, a portable charger, and a laptop. We also brought a DVD player, which ended up not being necessary due to the in-flight movies, but it was nice to know it was available.

Packing the extra duffel bag was a positive experience for us since it meant we could each have "our" bag in front of us on the flight, but the duffel could go overhead. If we needed the extra clothes, food, or batteries, we could quickly get those items without being overwhelmed with "stuff" in front of us.

Know Your Kids
The biggest thing to keep in mind while traveling with children is that you need to know your kids. No one else knows exactly what your little ones need, what they're like when they're tired, how they get when they're hungry, or what they're afraid of. Try to think about each child you have and what situations might make them uncomfortable. Once you consider this, you can plan for it.

For example, one of my kids is very picky when it comes to food. With a bit of prodding, he'll try anything, but he'd rather starve than eat food he dislikes. I made sure to pack plenty of food for the journey. While there were two meals served during the flight, both were seasoned very heavily and my plain Jane little monkey wasn't very comfortable with the food. During a time of drastic changes, he was happy to have goldfish crackers and beef jerky available.

Plan for the Worst
We once had a flight that ended up being twice as long as it was supposed to be. When we got to our destination, we got caught in a traffic loop and circled the airport for almost two hours. (Die Hard, much?) My son spent the last hour crying, much to my dismay and the frustration of everyone else. He was tired, hungry, and we were almost out of food and formula for the trip. Always try to plan for the unexpected. With youngsters, it's a fine line between keeping them entertained and packing too much stuff, but try to plan for at least 1-2 extra hours of travel time during flights. It'll help keep your sanity - and the sanity of those around you.

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