Should I stock up on rice?

10:50 AM

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A lot of new preppers like the idea of stocking up on rice.

Others are all about the beans.

I hate both of these ideas.

The primary reason that I refuse to stock up on rice and beans, and why I refuse to tell others to, is that it's boring.


Have you ever had to live off rice and beans? It sucks. Unless you happen to have a lot of spices, a lot of meats, and a lot of other foods to add variety, it's really, really, really hard to live off of rice and beans.

When you're dealing with an emergency situation, the last thing your body needs is more stress. This is why prepping means you need to try to keep your diet as normal as usual. Going from 2,000 calories a day of meat, fruit, and dairy products to 1,200 calories of rice and protein bars is going to send your body into a frenzy.

Just don't do it.

The other reason I don't recommend stocking up on rice and beans, despite the fact that they store for long periods of time, is that you need water and a heating source to cook them correctly. Especially if you live in an apartment or the city, there's no guarantee that your water is going to be working during a power outage. If you have a house, you'll probably have water for longer periods of time than your apartment-prepper counterparts, but there's still no guarantee.

Unless you have the space to stock up on plenty of extra water, as well as a non-electric heating source, you can skip the rice and beans. For apartment dwellers, it's hard enough storing enough water to last you 3 days without adding in cooking water.

Additionally, if you're dealing with a short-term emergency, such as a snow storm or flood, the last thing you want to do is try to cook with a grill in your garage or a camping stove in your kitchen.


It's a huge carbon monoxide risk.

Yes, you might have dinner, but it's not going to matter if you're dead. 

Finally, most of my posts and eBooks are designed with urban preppers in mind, especially those who have kids. You know what little kids don't want to eat when the power is out, when there's a thunderstorm, or when they're stuck in the basement with a tornado warning?


Skip the boring junk and stock up on foods that your kids actually enjoy.

You'll have enough stress going on without adding fussy children to the mix.

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  1. I'm going to disagree with you on this one.

    Rice and lentils are economical to buy, will store a long time, take about the same amount of time to cook, (so can be cooked together - add flavor while cooking so its not "boring"), and you can add whatever meat and vegetables you have on hand for a filling and nutritious meal - sautéed (like fried rice),soup, stew, pilaf, fried into little patties, etc.

    They should be part of one's diet in normal times, not just in an emergency or survival scenario. As my Mom used to say, "Nothing good EVER happened on an empty stomach."

    Eatie Gourmet, USA