Homemade MRE Tutorials

11:21 PM

photo credit: The Sporkful via photopin cc

One of the biggest must-haves for any bug-out bag are MREs.

Unfortunately, if you've ever tried to find edible MREs at your local commissary or camping store, you know exactly how tasty most of the options are. While it's definitely possible to find MREs that aren't awful, most of them can be pretty bad. If you have picky eaters or kids with allergies, making your own MREs can be a great alternative to buying them at the store.

Not sure where to start?

Here are three great tutorials to get you started.

1. Instructables: DIY MRES

2. The Survivalist Blog: Bug Out Bag Meals DIY MREs

3. Survival at Home: Homemade MREs

What are your bug-out bag must-haves? What kind of MREs do you have in your bags?

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