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I'm what you would call a minimalist-by-default.

I didn't plan to become a minimalist, nor was it a lifestyle I ever thought could go hand-in-hand with prepping, but the truth is that it can.

As a military wife, I was forced to pick-and-choose which items we'd keep every time we moved. Did I really want to haul baby clothes "just in case" we decided to have another child in five years? Did I really want to pack textbooks I hadn't looked at in years? Did it really make sense to pay for extra weight when it came to hauling boxes of holiday ornaments or dishes I never used?

Not really.

When our family relocated from a huge townhouse to a 2-bedroom apartment two years ago, we had some hard choices to make. Almost all of our "not needed" items were thrown away, given away, donated, or sold. The clutter that did make it to our new home has gradually been whittled down so that we now have a nearly-clutter-free home.

And I love it.

But this doesn't mean I'm not going to be prepared.

A lot of minimalists make the mistake of assuming that living simply also means that they can't be prepared. If you're obsessed with the idea of only having 30 pieces of clothing, for example, it's going to be tough to rationalize stocking up on cold medicine or bottled water. If you're worried about having art hanging on your walls, you might find the idea of keeping cash on hand or extra first aid supplies a little weird.

But it can be done.

Just because you're a prepper does not mean that you have to become a hoarder.

With the right organizational tools and the right attitude, it's absolutely possible to make sure that your family is prepping without adding to clutter or messes in your home.

One of the first things I would recommend that you do is invest in some good bookshelves. Bookshelves are one of those fantastic storage items that you can use to hold baskets, boxes, jars, or books. You can fold up your child's clothes and keep them on there. You can easily organize shoeboxes full of supplies or simply line up things you use on a regular basis.

In our apartment, we have two bookshelves full of books. These are my not-so-minimalist guilty pleasures. I love old books. We also homeschool, so we have to keep a certain number of books on hand just for teaching. We also have a bookshelf that we use to keep our shoes organized. Finally, I have a set of shelves that I use to organize medication, medical records, and other important documents.

Fabric Baskets are one of the most popular minimalist organizational tools. This is because fabric baskets are really easy to fold up and place out of sight when they're not in use. I like fabric baskets, but they can cost $10 or more each when you buy them in stores. Consider getting them used on Craigslist, online at Amazon, or at your local Dollar Tree.

Finally, one of my favorite kitchen organizational items is clear plastic bins. A lot of people use cereal containers to store their cereal. My kids go through cereal way too fast for us to need these, but what I do like plastic cereal holders for are storing snacks and non-essential food items. Things like granola bars, protein bars, and even dried fruit store easily in plastic containers. The clear ones are perfect since it makes it very easy to find what you're looking for.

What are your favorite organizational tools?

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