New Bible

1:55 PM

I recently had the chance to check out the Celebrate Recovery Bible.

While I do a lot of reading on Kindle, I'm still a fan of print books and probably always will be. If only for nostalgia's sake, I love the smell of books and the way they feel. I love reading dog-eared used copies and trying to figure out what the last owner thought.

I love all of it.

That said, this Bible is a paperback that's lightweight and easy to carry. It's a full (Old and New Testament) Bible so it's still a little heavy, but you could easily fit it in a bag and bring it to church with you without much trouble.

If you aren't in the Celebrate Recovery program, there will be some things that don't make a lot of sense in the devotionals, but not so obscure that you can't figure them out. I liked that the devotionals included in this Bible were very precise and informative, but they were still encouraging, as well. If you've been going through a hard time and want a devotional/Bible combo, this could be a great start.

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