5 Prepper Books You Should Be Reading

8:35 PM

photo credit: ginnerobot via photopin cc

One of the most important things any prepper can do is to read.

No matter how prepared you think you are or how educated you may be, you can always learn something new. Remember that prepper books don't necessarily have to be about prepping. You can read books about locksmithing, weaponry, gardening, or even medical care. The more knowledge you gain now, before disaster strikes, the better prepared you're going to be.

Remember the old saying, "Knowledge is power"?

It's true.

Here are just a few prepper books you should check out to continue learning, prepping, and developing your skills.

1. The Modern Prepper: Survival Tips and Techniques To Survive In Today's World

2. Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living

3. Emergency War Surgery: The Survivalist's Medical Desk Reference

4. Gardening Basics For Dummies®, Mini Edition

5. The Prepper's Bundle: Even More Survival Guides for Every Situation

You can check out any of these books on Amazon. Most of them are available on Kindle Unlimited. If you don't have KU, you may want to check it out. Basically, for $10/month, you can read as many books as you want on Kindle, provided the author chose to opt in to the program. One of my favorite things about this program is that the authors still get paid for their books if you choose to read one.

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