Eat Better Food

7:15 PM

Do you like to eat fast food?

Is it easier to order take out than to cook?

Are you guilty of grabbing a store-bought milkshake instead of making your own smoothie at home?

Your diet can dramatically impact your mood, your health, and your life. One of the first places you should start cleaning up in your life is your diet.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you never splurge. I know just how delicious a sweet candy bar can taste after a few weeks (or a few days) of following a strict diet, but eating a candy bar should be an exception to your regular diet. It shouldn’t be the norm.

Consider making an effort to focus on feeding your family fresh, natural foods. While you don’t necessarily have to buy all of your food organic, you should focus on picking ingredients, rather than boxed meals.

Instead of buying a frozen entrée or boxed dinner, you could learn to make your own. Yes, you’ll have to spend some time cooking, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Cooking offers a great way to clear your mind or to spend time with your kids as they help you. It also offers an incredibly valuable way that you can help improve your family’s health.

When you want to improve your family’s eating habits, remember:
·         Focus on buying fresh or frozen ingredients.
·         Make sure that your family eats plenty of vegetables and fruits.
·         Focus on eating lean meats.
·         Food doesn’t have to be boring. Learning to use spices is an important part of becoming a better cook.
·         You can freeze many meals to reheat later. Creating your own freezer meals can save you a lot of time and money.
·         It’s okay to make mistakes.
·         It’s okay to splurge on treats sometimes.

While eating better food should absolutely be a priority, it shouldn’t be something that stresses you out or that overwhelms you. If you’re a working parent, for example, you may not have time to spend an hour making dinner. That’s fine! You could consider making frozen meals once a week to use throughout the week. Another option would be to check out a service like Dream Dinners where you can visit and make your own meals. You’ll pay for the food there, then take it home and freeze. This is a perfect way to acquire some healthy, homemade meals without messing your own kitchen.

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