Book Review: Dirt Cheap Weight Loss

4:32 PM

When Kindle Unlimited launched in July, a lot of readers and writers were concerned.

After all, didn't this mean that authors would no longer get paid for their books? Didn't this mean that the authors who did get paid would be shortchanged? What about the readers? Would Kindle Unlimited offer only a few titles, rendering the subscription price a waste?

I can honestly say that after a month of using Kindle Unlimited, I'm hooked.

As an author, I still get paid every time someone reads my book as long as they read at least 10% of the book. As a reader, I have the chance to try out tons of new and interesting books that I might not have otherwise explored.

Yes, there's always the library, but you know what?

I love that with Kindle Unlimited I can borrow a book right from my computer in the middle of the night and read it. I don't have to go to the library. I don't have to fight for parking. I don't have to request the book I want and wait two months to get it. I love it.

So last night I downloaded and read Dirt Cheap Weight Loss: 101 Tips for Losing Weight on a Budget. I was a bit skeptical since, well, I'm a writer. I figured that all of the tips would either be things I already knew or things I'd already written about.

I was pleasantly mistaken.

Dirt Cheap Weight Loss isn't just another weight loss book with diet tips. Instead, this book offers you 101 real, tangible ways you can start changing the way that you live in order to lose weight. Whether you have forty pounds to lose before your high school reunion or just five pounds so you can squeeze into your skinny jeans, this book offers you real tips that are easy to implement.

Most of all, they're cheap.

There were quite a few healthy ideas that I hadn't considered. Each item on the list is accompanied by a lengthy description, so I really felt like this book was packed full of information.

I'd definitely read it again.

Note: If you don't have a Kindle or smartphone, you can read eBooks for free directly through This is what I do. You can download the app for free or simply read your books through the website.

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