5 Essentials for Your Bug-Out Bag

7:15 PM

With fall creeping up on us, it's time to start working on those winter bug-out bags.

Yes, you should update your bug-out bags seasonally. If you aren't already doing this, now is a great time to start. The change of the season is a great time to update your bags because it means you're going to be rotating your food and water every three months, but it also means that you know your bug-out bags are going to be appropriate for anything you encounter. You aren't going to find that you're broken down on the side of the road in August with only a pair of winter gloves, for example.

While you probably have some great ideas for your bag, here are a few important things you shouldn't forget.

1. Maps
Always have at least one local map in your bag. If you get lost or stranded, this ensures that you're going to be able to find your way around. Remember that in an emergency, you aren't necessarily going to have all the perks that you're used to. This means that your cell phone GPS could be rendered useless because of a storm or your phone's battery could be dead. Have a map.

2. Bandana
This is one of the most versatile things to have in your bag. You can shred a bandana to use for starting a fire or use it to cover your mouth during a viral outbreak. If you're trekking through a storm, you can even use it to cover your face.

3. Tweezers
While these should be included in any first aid kit, they should especially be present in your bug-out bag. Never be without a good pair of tweezers. If your kids are prone to splinters or you anticipate using these a lot, pick up two pairs.

4. Socks
During the winter, socks are an even more important part of your bag. You can use them on your feet, of course, but they can double as gloves or towels in a pinch. Keep at least a couple of warm pairs in your bag.

5. Shovel
Finally, always include a small shovel in your bag. If you prefer a larger one, just keep it in the trunk of your car. Having a small shovel means you'll be able to shovel through snow, but even if you aren't caught in a storm, it will help with setting up a shelter.

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