3 Ways to Start Prepping Today

6:10 PM

As the leaves are starting to turn color and the weather is growing cooler, I'm constantly reminded that it's time to start getting ready for winter.

As a city prepper and urban survivalist, this means getting the bug-out bags out of the car and repacking them to prep for winter. Out go the extra fans and bottles of water and in go extra socks, hats, and boots.

If you're ready to start prepping for winter, too, but don't have a lot of time, there are a couple of ways you can start prepping today. Whether you have kids, pets, or elderly relatives living with you, it's important that you're always working toward being prepared for anything you might encounter.

1. Put a blanket in your car.
No, really. You don't have to pack blankets for every single person who might ever ride in your car. You don't need a comforter that's going to take up your entire trunk. Just pack one blanket in your car that's small, but that will provide warmth should you find yourself stranded somewhere. If you're worried about your trunk leaking or the blanket becoming damaged, store it in a plastic bag or small duffel.

2. Buy some cheap hats.
One things my kids always seem to lose are hats. Seriously. During the summer months, I seem to have a dozen hats around my house, but in the winter, we're scrambling to find them. Head to your local Dollar Tree or Target's $1 section to pick up some cheap winter hats. These don't need to be fancy. They just need to be warm. (Tip: You can also find cheap, hand-knitted hats on Etsy.) Keep a few in your car. If you break down in the winter, you'll be glad to know that you have this extra warmth available to your family.

3. Check your purse.
This one is for the ladies. If you carry a purse, take a quick look. Do you have extra cash inside? What about hard candy? A sewing kit? A flashlight? Do you have an emergency whistle? Make sure that you have at least a couple of emergency items in your purse. At the very least, you should have a pocket knife and a flashlight available.

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