Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaners

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I've talked before about making your own cleaners

Even in a non-survival type of situation, I love being able to make my own cleaners at home because it means that I'll always have the skills and the knowledge to clean something without having to do a bunch of research on the "best" commercial products while simultaneously worrying that I'm giving my kids cancer by using those chemical cleaners.

It's just not worth it.

Homemade cleaners are the best cleaners because you can pronounce all of the ingredients, you know exactly what's going into your cleaners, there are no hidden additives, and, best of all, you can easily make non-toxic cleaners that aren't going to harm your children or your pets.

If you're thinking about trying out your own homemade cleaners, here are 3 of my favorite recipes. You can view the recipe for the cleaner pictured above here.

1. DIY homemade, crayon remover

White vinegar.

That's it.

If you and your kids have been coloring for days because the electricity's out and your child decided to move his drawings from the paper to the wall, you can use white vinegar and a toothbrush to easily scrub off the crayon.

2. DIY homemade Soft Scrub

Clean your toilets.

No, really. 

Even if you're dealing with an emergency, at some point you're going to have to sanitize things in your house. Families with mold allergies can't have scum building up in the bathrooms (unless you have an endless supply of asthma medication, and even then, you're not going to be feeling great). Instead of grabbing a bottle of Soft Scrub (or fighting your neighbor for the last one at the store) you can make your own at home using:

3/4 c. baking soda 

1/4 c. castile soap 
1 T. water 

Mix the baking soda and castile soap, then add the water. Use a fork or spoon to stir it until all ingredients are mixed, then head to your bathroom to start scrubbing. This mixture can be used safely on bathroom tiles, kitchen floors, and even the inside of your toilet.

3. DIY homemade garbage disposal cleaner

This one isn't going to work in an emergency where you don't have any power, but if you're just stuck at home because of a hurricane and you still have electricity, you'll be able to easily clean your garbage disposal. Instead of coughing up $3-5 for a garbage disposal cleaner that claims to be lemon-scented but that really just seems to be odorless powder, grab your ice cube trays and a bottle of white vinegar. Freeze the vinegar in the ice cube trays. Once frozen, place as many ice cubes as you wish in your disposal, run some cool water, and turn on the disposal. Not only will your disposal get cleaned, but the ice cubes will sharpen the blades of your disposal, as well.

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