Your Child's Bug Out Bag

11:54 AM

While a lot of survival sites list everything you need to include in a great bug out bag, there doesn't seem to be a lot of coverage on packing for kids. A child's bug out bag is no less important than an adult's, but the type of things you're going to be packing are drastically different. Even the way that you pack a child's bag is going to be different. After all, most kids aren't going to be able to carry their own bag, let alone carry it for long periods of time. When you choose a bag for your child, you'll either need to pick a small enough backpack that he can carry it himself or pick something that you can carry along with your own gear.

So what do you need to put in your child's bag?

1. A comfort item
If you're in a bug out situation, whether it be a hurricane, tornado, or economic collapse, your child is going to be scared. Keep something in the bag that your child can get some comfort from. This could be a blanket, a small doll, or something else that your child feels special.

2. Extra clothes that they like
A lot of parents include an outfit in their child's bag, but fail to pick an outfit that the child likes. Give your kid a little comfort in a tough situation. You should still pick warm, practical clothing, but picking a Lego sweatshirt over a plain blue one can really mean a world of difference to your child.

3. Familiar snacks
You need snacks for your child in his bug out bag. Make sure that you include food that he actually likes to eat. It's all well and good to choose beef jerky or dried bananas, but if your kid hates them, he's not going to eat. If you're bugging out, your child is going to feel insecure and nervous. Something familiar like granola bars or Cheerios can bring some comfort.

4. Extra water
Include water in both your child's bag and yours. Kids get thirsty - a lot. And you know what thirsty kids do? Whine about it until they get water. Pack more water than you think you need. Obviously, you won't be able to carry an infinite amount of water, but you need to have plenty especially if your child still drinks formula.

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