Prepping 101: City Life

7:46 PM

If you're trying to prepare for a natural disaster or even total economic collapse, chances are that you realize how important it is to have your own space to grow food and live freely. Unfortunately, for many adults, living in the city is a way of life. If your job requires you to live close to a major city or you simply enjoy being near lots of people, you might wonder if it's possible to prepare for an emergency even if you live in the city.

The answer is a simple "yes."

While you'll be limited by your home's actual location, whether you have an apartment, whether you have a yard, or even how close you are to a major highway, it is possible to prepare for emergency situations even if you live in the city.

First off, keep food on hand. I like keeping dehydrated food storage in cans available. Choose foods that you're comfortable eating and that you like to eat. Never choose weird foods that you think will be good in an emergency but that you don't actually like. If you're stuck in your house for a week without access to outside food, would you rather be eating dehydrated bananas or dehydrated peas?

Next, always have plenty of first aid supplies on hand. First aid kits are a "must," but you need to think deeper than just bandages. Keep a suture kit, diabetic supplies, and even a home birth kit on hand if someone in your home is pregnant. Remember that disasters tend to strike when you aren't ready, so you need to be prepared.

Also make sure that you always have a plan for getting water. One of the first things you'll need when you're caught in an emergency is water. You won't just be drinking water. You'll use it for cleaning, sanitizing, and cooking. While you should certainly store water, also think of how you'll purify water or how you can catch rainwater. Another option? Water purification tablets. You'll be able to make sure that your water is safe for drinking.

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