How to Prep When You Have Kids

12:30 AM

One of the biggest challenges in preparing for natural disasters or emergencies is knowing how to get ready even if you have little kids. While packing a bug out bag for adults can be something as simple as throwing some granola bars into a bag, things get more complicated with kids. After all, you might need diapers, wipes, and maybe even some children's medicines. Kids are notoriously unpredictable, so knowing how to get ready and how to actually prepare for an emergency when you have little ones running around can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to get ready.

1. Let your kids pack their own bags
Want to get your kids involved in prepping? Let them pick out special backpacks to use for their bug out bags. Having a special character or movie-themed backpack can be fantastic for kids. Once they pick their bag out, let them help you actually pack it. Never just prep without your kids. Instead, let them be a part of the activity.

2. Bring your kids to pick out supplies
When you head to the store to pick out your prepping supplies, whether it be food storage items or something for your bug out bags, bring your kids along. Let them see how you prep. If your kids don't see you in action, they won't be able to see how preppers actually do things.

3. Talk with your kids about prepping
Always talk with your kids on a regular basis about the importance of emergency preparedness. Some parents feel like they need to protect their children, so they don't talk with them about the importance of being ready for anything. Remember that although talking about emergencies can be scary, giving your kids the gift of knowledge is incredibly valuable.

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