Finding a bag

12:47 PM

Are you ready to start preparing your bug out bag? First things first! Before you can pack your bag, but must have a bag. Most survivalists opt for a backpack. Now, before you start thinking this is because survivalists love to be trendy and cool, hold on a second. Backpacks make an ideal bug out bag because they're easy to carry without using your hands. Should you encounter an obstacle or threat that requires you to use your hands, you'll be able to do so.

If backpacks aren't your style or you have a bad back, rest assured that you can use anything as a bug out back. I'd recommend that if you aren't going to use a backpack, you opt for something discreet that won't draw a bunch of attention to yourself.

A duffel bag, small suitcase, or even an oversized tote bag can all function as bug out bags. Just make sure that you choose something large enough to hold the supplies you'll need for at least 3 days and durable enough to hold up should you have to walk with your belongings.

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