Is it time to get out of Dodge?

1:45 PM

Is it time to hunker down? Should you get ready to bug out? The Modern Survival Blog reminds us that it's far better to be too early than too late. The time to start getting your family ready for a disaster is now - not when everyone else is rushing to Wal-Mart to buy water bottles and guns.

So how do you know when it's time? What if you decide to relocate to the country and everyone laughs at you? Should you give up a high paying job, a high mortgage, and your premiere loft in the city to go live in a cabin in the woods?

First of all, they'll only be laughing until the SHTF. Then, hope and pray no one remembers your address (and chances are, once the batteries on their smartphones die, they won't) or they'll be showing up begging for food. After all, you guys were such great friends, right? Secondly, leaving debt behind is never a bad thing. It's far better to have no debt and live simply than to "have it all" but own nothing.

If you do plan to leave the city in an effort to bug out and prepare for family for the worst possible scenarios, keep in mind that silence is golden. Don't go bragging on your Facebook (wait, you still have a Facebook?), to your friends, or to your colleagues that you're going to go live off the land with your guns and your garden. People might laugh at you and make fun of you, but when it all goes to hell, they'll remember you and your garden, and it doesn't take long for hunger to set in.

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