Hunkering Down VS Bugging Out

1:54 PM

In layman's terms, hunkering down means staying where you while bugging out means leaving your current location.

El Borak reminds us that hunkering down is a far better option than bugging out, especially since by the time most people realize they need to bug out, they can't. Either it's too late and the roads are jammed, the weather is too bad, your city is under quarantine or curfew, or you simply don't have the money or ability to leave where you are.

This is why my motto is "travel light." If you don't regularly use something, you don't need it, you don't like it, or you just don't want it, get rid of it. Keep as little as possible "important stuff" so that you'll not only free up your finances (you don't really need that Thirty-One bag this month, do you?) but also your home.

If you live in the city and can not hunker down, you need to have an action plan in place for getting out. Bug Out Bags are a great start and I'll have some posts on those soon, but it's also important to know where your other important documents and important items are. For example, are all of your flash drives in an easy-to-access location? Is all of your important computer data backed up and ready to mobilize? Do you have cash and all of your family's passports, IDs, social security cards, and birth certificates ready to go in sealed plastic bags?

While you should certainly be ready to bug out at a moment's notice if you live in the city, many families and extreme survivalists prefer to hunker down at their farm or ranch homes. If hunkering down appeals to you more than trying to escape the city during a major crisis, it might be time to start looking at properties available outside city limits. You might be surprised at how many acres of land are available within driving distance of your current location so you can stay at your current job and add a brief commute. Or, if you want to really get out of town, consider whether your family can afford to take a lower paying job if it means living a debt-free, off-the-grid life.

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